Entertainning for Summer

Entertainning for Summer

Bring out your favorites, and add a little whimsy - it's summer!  Summer is one of the best times to gather all your friends and have a wonderful get together.  So to celebrate the season, here's a few tips from the designers at Town House Interiors!


  Go Blue & White!

With all of the love of nautical themes and the classic crispness of traditional blue & white dishes might we suggest this ever chic combination!  It works in any home from the most traditional to the sleekest contemporary home.  Check out our pinterest board below to get  a few ideas of how to use this color combination in your home.  But of course there are lots of wonderful summer palettes to use, pick one and stick with it to give your space a great impact.

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  Keep it simple!

What is everyone there for?  You.  The less you have to do for the event, the more that you can enjoy the moment with your friends and family.  It will feel more natural and relaxing for everyone!



  A Plate for Everyone!

Use your families' tried and true favorite dishes, as well as that really cool item you spied on Pintrest, but make sure there is something for everyone to eat.  With so many different diets now, sometimes it hard but if you know someone has considerations ask them!  They will love knowing that you care about them and usually you'll get another cool dish to add to your repertoire of dishes - Win/Win



   Have Fun!

Don't forget the most important part - enjoy yourselves!



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