“The Best of Both Worlds”

The Best of Both Worlds - by Wendy W. Jackson

"Everyone wants to make the right choices regarding their home. You can't go wrong when you hire a professional interior designer from Town House Interiors because they help you make the right choices which prevents costly mistake in both time and money. By consulting their professionals, who have experience and bountiful resources at their fingertips, you also ensure your living space will be stylish and classic.

Town House Interiors is a premier resource for quality furnishings and interior design in Knoxville. Whether you are building, buying a new home or updating your present home, the professionals at Town House Interiors can provide you with the foundation for your comfort and enjoyment _ and they get it right the first time!

"We enjoy being creative and helpful to our clients in selecting and coordinating all aspects of their interiors _ furniture, accessories, fabrics for window and bed treatments and wall finishes. We can select furnishings from out showroom vignettes or special order just for each clients. Our goal is to create the home of your dreams," says Janice Moore, president and principal interior designer of Town House Interiors.

There are many aspects that set Town HOuse Interiors apart from other establishments. First, they understand that furniture is not one size firs all. some ladies are just five feet tall while some gentlemen are well over six feet tall. Having a designer who can help you with the sizing and it of all your furnishings ensures that you achiever the comfort in addition to beauty and function. They invite you to sit upon, recline in and put your feet up!

Town House Interiors features a plethora of upper end, high quality nationally known home furnishing resources which they offer to their clients and customers at prices below manufacturer's suggested retail. Whether you are furnishing your entire home or you are in the market for that one unique piece to finish you room, Town house Interiors is your resource. from traditional to contemporary, if you desire it for your home, these professionals can make it a reality.

A home is a considerable investment, Enjoying your home is a necessity. Let the professionals at Town House Interiors help you save time and money. Utilize their education and experience in design as you pay less than retail prices for your furnishings. It's clearly the best of both worlds and a wise investment choice for you and your home."


This article was published in the newspaper for us, so we're sharing it with you.  Though this article mentions our time as a retail space, all of this still holds true.  We still carry the same high quality furniture lines, still care about the function as well as beauty when designing a space, and still offer prices at less than the suggested retail.

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