Design Forecast Workshop - Success!

Design Forecast Workshop – Success!

Wow, has it been a busy time for us here at Town House Interiors!  Last week we kicked off the first in our Designer Workshop Series celebrating our 50 years in business!  Entitled Design Forecast, the workshop covered current design trends and our forecast for what we see coming up in the future of home interiors.  We had a morning class & an evening class filled with information, pictures, and ideas with wonderful speakers and even better questions.


Left - Patricia Fernandez, wonderful office assistant and Rachael Sheridan, designer
Right - industry representative Susan Carter and owner/principal designer Janice Moore, IDS


We had a lovely time meeting with all who attended.  I'd like to thank each and every one of our guests, as well as our lovely industry representative, Susan Carter from Cox Manufacturing for telling us how their business learns of and addresses new trends in the industry.  We covered color palettes and hues that are setting the mood, furniture styles and combinations, and design elements that are really shaping today's interior spaces.


If you didn't catch this first workshop, don't worry!  We are going to host a workshop the first thursday of every month on a new topic related to interior design.  Our next one is on October 2nd at 11:00 & 6:30 and will cover Beautiful Bedrooms with tips for creating the perfect retreat.  Be sure to RSVP if you want to attend.

Also if there are any topics you would be interested in learning about, let us know!


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